"All endings are also beginnings we just don't know it at the time."  Mitch Albom

Family law disputes are stressful and can put our lives on hold. Public court hearings, accusations, concern for children, and excessive lawyer fees add to the stress. Stress and frustration can result in a case lasting years and a mountain of debt.

We can help you efficiently navigate your case without paying inflated lawyer fees. We offer sliding scale and equitable payment plans. 

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The Divorce Process

You will receive a case evaluation  to determine if annulment, separation, or dissolution of your marriage is the best course to take.

You will be advised on any child custody, property and debt issues involved in your particular case; we will then process all of the necessary documents through our office, the staff, and within the court.

Mediation and arbitration services are available from the beginning of the case to the conclusion.

If you face a family law problem, what are the qualities you want in a lawyer? For many, it comes down to two key attributes:

  • Strength: The ability to fight for a client's interests and get results. Trial experience and a proven record of success.

  • Compassion: Listening to the client. Understanding the high emotional stakes involved in divorce and family law. 

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Don't Divorce Your Bank Account with High Lawyer Fees

Offering fee plans at 50% less than customary fees by keeping overhead expenses modest. 

Options for Resolving Your Divorce

Settlement: When possible, your divorce lawyer seeks settlement. The end result is a written agreement both parties sign. Settlement should be a creative process offering a sense of “winning” for both parties, and it can provide remedies unavailable through the court. It can also reduce the chance of future legal disputes related to the divorce.

Mediation: Divorce mediation services available, if both parties agree to participate and cooperate in the process.

Litigation: On some issues, or in some cases, settlement is not possible, and our lawyer will recommend litigation. Mr. Fletcher will prepare you for hearings before a judge to address these matters. 

Appeal: When remedies in the trial court have been exhausted and where circumstances warrant it, we can assist you with family law appeals.

417 2nd Street, Suite 204, Eureka, CA 95501

1834 Central Avenue, McKinleyville, CA 95519

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We represent clients in estate matters, divorce cases, restraining orders, custody disputes, spousal support, alimony, guardianship, adoptions, and annulments in Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Mckinleyville and surrounding areas in Humboldt County. 

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